Strategic Negotiations

Our strategic negotiations consulting and training provides a 360° view of the negotiating process.  We provide strategic insight into everything from pre-negotiating due diligence; opening offers; concessions management; use of agents; repelling common negotiating tactics; deal structuring options; closing deals; achieving deal compliance; and, contending with renegotiations.

Our Strategic Negotiating engagements range from assisting clients negotiate with vendors to negotiating joint ventures; from negotiating with investors to negotiating with local governmental officials; and, from negotiating with creditors to negotiating with licensees / licensors.

Our insights are gleaned from both practical experience and research. Our research consists of case studies from the world of business and international relations. Our negotiations research also spans related disciplines such as psychology, human behavior, game theory, evolutionary psychology, decision making and competitive intelligence.

Principals of IncreMental Advantage designed the curriculum for the Certified Strategic Negotiator designation.

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