Representative Engagements – Subjective Analysis

□ Developed an innovative compensation policy designed to motivate real estate agents to close sales and work as a team. Our compensation quantified the value of base salaries, commissions, customer satisfaction scores, shares of a privately held real estate brokerage firm, flextime and other items forms of a cafeteria of benefits.

□ Developed and refined negotiating strategies for several members of a major medical device manufacturer’s executive team who were preparing to negotiate with numerous acquisition targets.

□ Developed negotiating strategies for securing tenants for a leading developer of build-to-suit warehousing.

□ Performed a Devil’s Advocate Audit for an airline based in the Middle East. The issue at hand was vetting their plan for penetrating a new geographic market. We challenged many of their assumptions including projected demand, intensity of competition, level of initial investment, potential regulatory challenges, whether to go it alone or forge a partnership, and best marketing message.

□ Provided a four-day training program in negotiations for the diplomatic staff of a Central American government.

□ Synchronized marketing and sales efforts for a major operator of wedding halls. Reengineered best practices for dealing with the community of businesses that acted as lead generators as well as revised the commission schedule. The result was that reception hall booking rose 45% one year after the implementation of the program.

□ Provided negotiations training for professionals of a Fortune 100 electronics company who where responsible for licensing out new technologies.

□ Provided ongoing negotiations training to an international law firm.

□ Developed a strategic plan for a professional medical association to increase its member retention and profits per member.

□ Vetted a restaurant chain’s expansion strategies. This included developing a scorecard for determining the best criteria for choosing new locations as well as selecting and training franchisees. The profitability of additional revenue streams such as catering, Internet sales, and take out orders was assessed so that advertising expenditures and investments in infrastructure could be optimized.

□ Developed a strategic plan and negotiating roadmap for a large pharmaceutical company whose objective was to license in promising drug compounds.

□ Ran the opposition research efforts on behalf of a candidate for the United States House of Representatives.

□ Developed a conference business that that generated millions of dollars of revenues per year. This business presented dozens of events annually for senior executives in the fields of intellectual property, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, video games, advertising, and finance and more.

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