Intangible Asset Valuations

IncreMental Advantage is an internationally renowned leader in valuing emerging technologies and intangible assets.

Our IP Fairness Opinions validate the methodologies and metrics utilized by our clients. These fairness opinions are an important part of our clients’ ability to close license agreements, consummate patent sales, secure acquisitions and obtain capital infusions at terms that reflect the value of the clients’ IP and emerging technologies.

Our Valuation Reports discuss the application and potential of the relevant technologies, stage of development, industry dynamics, competitive position, expected rate of the technology’s diffusion, risk of obsolescence, and design around concerns. In preparing our Valuation Reports, we employ dozens of valuation methodologies.  When it comes to assessing the quality and strength of the patents, we apply the more than 400 metrics that are covered in our Patent Valuation Gauntlet. Our Valuation Reports are often more than 100 pages in length.

In addition, IncreMental Advantage developed the following methodologies for valuing emerging technologies and patents:

Total Value Extraction – Unlike static valuation methods, Total Value Extraction is a dynamic valuation framework that takes into account many different licensing structuring options such as milestones, variable royalty rates, royalty stacking, fields of use licensing, and sublicensing potential.

Patent Valuation Gauntlet – The Patent Valuation Gauntlet takes into account commercial value, assertion value, blocking value, cross-licensing value, reputational value as well as patent invalidity risks and design around risks. The PVG worksheet contains more than 400 issues that should be considered when calculating the value of a patent.

Principals of IncreMental Advantage designed the curriculum for the Certified Patent Valuation Analyst designation.

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